Simple. I wrote a song in 4/4 that uses all triplets, but it fits into the bars right.
Should this/Could this be transcribed in 3/4?
I don't see why it should, they both have very different feels. If you feel it needs to be then you cetainly could change the time signature. Do you mean it doesnt fit into the bars right?
technically every time signature can be transcribed to any other time signature, it just might look like crap and get really confusing.

but, no it wouldnt really work for 3/4, itd work for 12/8 though as eight notes instead of triplets.
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but, no it wouldnt really work for 3/4, itd work for 12/8 though as eight notes instead of triplets.
Yeah, that's it.
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^ that

but it doesn't completely fall out of the feel, you could write a bridge in 3/4 or just throw some 3/4 in there, giving the 4/4 that 6/8 feel just a bit, throwing of the ear of your listeners. (edit, do talk it through with your rhythm xection, or it might not work out as you want)

its a cool trick, i did it in one of the last songs i wrote using 3/4,
it's all 4/4 except for every 4th of 8 bars, it keeps it interesting
and with a 4 bar melody over the top, the 8th bar gives the feel of an extra beat,
it isn't really there, but it creates space
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If it fits into the bars right in 4/4 and all of the accents are placed correctly in 4/4, then why would you want to change the time signature to 3/4? It makes no sense to me, it sounds like you're just over complicating things. If you switch to 3/4 it will only fit if you have measures in multiples of 3, and then the accents will be placed differently.
triplets in 4/4 would say to me it could be in 12/8. if you went to 3/4 you'd have to chop off one of the triplets.
I never said 12/8 was triplets! He said he had composed something that is in 4/4 and contains triplets throughout.... So I said 12/8 would be better as he wouldn't have to write the triplets in, they'd allready be that triplet feel, like you said due to the accents... and then said that you would have to get rid of one group of triplets in 3/4 unless you write one group as 6 semi quavers in the space of 4 semi-quavers(wich would equal the last crotech (sp?) of the bar).... and due to my research and my theory lesson yesterday thats correct. Unless I completely miss understood it... if so then please explain....
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