Could have have a look at my bands page. Its nothing fancy, but we got 3 versions of a song we done. It was all buy using one guitar with many effects, and pretty much done the 'producing' of it, by adding in sound effects and other things. Take a listen please.
Thanks, any feedback would be great.
NOTE: The track is generally 7 minutes long
NOTE: I find it to be a very relaxing piece of music, so don't get it mixed up with being 'depressing' lol
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i'm liking the clean chords in the beginning. lol it makes me feel like i'm in the womb with the heart beat sounds lol jp. its just a lil slow, needs more changes or something to make it a lil more interesting. very different tho. the wierd noises went well, just need to through some extra stuff in there. keep it up. thanks for the crit
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Pretty cool. The weird stuff was pretty loud and abrupt though...I'd maybe fade it in rather than starting it so loud. Its good, but it does get a little repetitive. Other than that - I prefer the 3rd one but with a shorter intro, or the first one if its not meant to sound depressing - imo the gunfire etc sets the mood as depressing from the start.