There's a feeling
That I can't miss
But its hard to put in words

that ive never
spared a thought

all this
but its obvious

pre chorus-
Why does it hurt so much to know, youre not mine?(and youll never be)
ive really gotta know, for sure

So tell me is this love (love)
that makes me think of you?
when im down and im feeling blue
is there a cure, does it even matter anymore
if i do
do i love you?
My first post...go ahead...rip it apart

btw did u know how many words rhyme with 'you' including 'capital of peru' and 'analytical review'!
the style of the verses is a little choppy, but it could work.
Pop-punk came to mind

as far as a simplistic song about 'the one that got away', this doesnt need a whole lotta work, except ide suggest re-wording the chorus. thats easily the weakest portion

Crit for Crit?