I've been planning on getting a new guitar now seeing as I'm using one that doesn't belong to me and I would really like to get my own one. I use a Kramer Striker (Not a very expensive guitar but it is a very good guitar) I'm going to buy it off the person I'm borrowing it off for £60 and do it up (Paint job and Install a new floyd rose), and I have an Epiphone Les Paul Zakk Wylde.

I wanted to choose between a
Jackson Warrior WRXT
Jackson KVX10
Jackson DXMG

I've always wanted a Jackson guitar, I've tried many and I just love the design and feel of the fret board and the neck.
And I also like the LTD, although it is a cheaper model and I can probably get a better one for about £500 and under.

£600 is my limit anyways, but a little over I can go.
Personally I'd choose the DXMG And that's coming from an Esp guy.
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Personally I think the X series Jackson guitars are garbage.
I don't know if they are even called that, but the models with X's in the name are usually bad from my experience.
I have owned a KVx10 & an rx10d and they were pretty terrible.
I'm not familiar with that particular LTD, but I recommend looking a bit more and finding one with a set-neck.
Bolt on sounds like it looks.
I know for a fact there are a few set-necked ltd models for under 600 euro.
I bought an ltd viper 407 with a set neck for 700 bucks canadian, and it kicked the **** out of both x series jacksons I have owned.
Just my suggestion.
Jackson make good guitars... but when they are high end.
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Jackson make good guitars... but when they are high end.

That's what I've been hearing, however the one's I have played don't seem too bad.
I don't really want a set neck guitar, I like bolt ons, there's something about set necks I don't like. But I'll look into all them guitars, I'll probably go to some guitar shops on Friday and check em out.

Thanks though.
The DXMG is really good as long as you have the floyd rose/bridge set right. I had one, loved it, then my bridge got all messed up...

Great guitar though.
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What I'm having trouble with is, if I do get a guitar should I replace the Floyd Rose with a FR Original? Or should I use the Jackson/ESP Licsenced Floyd Rose.

I wouldn't mind replacing it, becuase I know the Originals are so much better most of the time than Brand Liscenced ones.