postive it's the reason why my guitar wont stay tuned ( floyd rose)
how do i change it?
doing what would accomplish what?
what do i do if a string is to flat? to sharp?
intonation adjustamajigs under the strings on the bridge, turn one way for sharp, the other way for flat
Comon' man. There is Google, there is the UG Search bar; I doubt you've properly checked either of those before you posted this.
You need to use the adjusters at your bridge to change the string length, until the fretted note at the 12th fret and the open string are both in tune.
Intonation is basically how the guitar stays in tune with itself throughout the fretboard.
Like, if you hit the E string on open and it's in perfect tune, it should also be in perfect tune when you hit it on the 12th fret or the 24th fret. If the tuning is slightly off when you do that, your intonation is out.
By the sound of your post though, this isn't the problem.
If you have a floyd and it's going out of tune, the problem is the spring tension.
Check to see if the base plate of the floyd rose is naturally flat to the body, or if it sinks into the body or sticks outwards. When the floyd is perfectly parralell, it will stay in tune. If it sinks you have to increase the tension and if it tilts away, you need to decrease the tension.
You do that by adjusting the screws inside the back of the guitar (connected to the floyd/springs)!
There are lots of videos on youtube showing this, so if this is the problem, check that out before messing with it!
Good luck!
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like said balance the bridge first, adjusting spring tension.

there's a tutorial and QnA at the top of this page.

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