Hello everyone
This is my first post, i hope you can help me out.

I want to learn to play electric guitar, but since i am a beginner i have no experience in buying one and i don't want to be tricked into buying a bad guitar.
So i was thinking if you guys can recommend me a good guitar and amp for 460 $ ( yes i mean 460$ for both guitar and the amp )
I mostly listen to a wide range of metal from Ozzy to Behemoth

I wanted to buy a ESP LTD EX-50, since on other forum people recommended me that one, however on other they have said "No, it's a bad guitar" although on internet people are giving it high ratings :\
What are your thoughts, if you think this is a bad guitar can you tell me which one should i consider buying!
Well, I thank you in advance
I would consider getting an amp over a guitar. A VoxAD15VT or Roland Cube 30 would both be good choices.
The guitar isn't a bad guitar, considering how much you'd be spending. Not much better in my opinion, unless you go used.
My thoughts and opinions.
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Here is a very useful thread on amps:

And to save you some scrolling, here is the post with amps in your price range:

I would recommend a high gain amp for heavy distortion - as that is quite commonly associated with metal.

As for guitars, the best advice I can give is to not buy blindly, and try them out in the shop. You might end up buying a lemon if you dont try it out first (and vice-versa, you might end up buying a brilliant 'bad guitar').
The amps I'd suggest are a Vypyr 30 or a Cube 30. They're both around $200. $260 for a guitar... Yeah, that EX 50 sounds good.
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rondomusic.com has many cheap guitars that are very good. Look at the SX strats and cheaper agiles, no douglas
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