Picked up yesterday. More pics later.

Hohner MR-800
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Boss MT-2 Metalzone
Fab chorus
Fab echo
Fender Super champ XD
Looks sweet, try not to aim it at policeofficers or people in the military. Or americans. Or iraqi people. Or people in somalia. Or norwegians (they get overstimulated so easily, impossible to put them to bed after that)
Bitch being annoying?
Quote by jetfuel495

...holy **** the biggest ****ing golf cart ever just rolled past my backyard... i **** u not
Why do you need a gun?

Yes I'm an uneducated European idiot, forgive me.
I hope it doesn't seem, like I'm young, foolish, and green.
Let me in for a minute, you're not my life but I want you in it

O Dayya, te echaré de menos, siempre

Y siempre
Y para siempre
woohoo you now have a gun. the only civilians who buy sidearms are the ones who aren't confident enough in their manhood to protect themselves. seriously, what are you going to do with that? hunt deer? nope. anything productive? nope. possibly shoot your mum? yes.
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