Remember seeing this guy on youtube a couple years ago...anyway hes sick
He had a mini series called Nerd Guitar( used to play songs in the episodes)

Apparently he just won the Dean Shredder search and played his signature piece at Namm http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mANO89-ynU&feature=related

Thought you people would appreciate him.
( its crazy what youtube is doing for some shredders)

Check out his site as well
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he didnt JUST win the shredder search,he won like 4-5 months ago, he's pretty good.
but this namm stuff,thats news to me.
i have dial up,so i can t watch it now...
Just call me Julius, J, etc.
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Yea it was a fair while ago he won that now.
While he's great I don't think he shoulda won tbh; there were several far better entries.
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this makes me want to be a nerd...
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As much as I respect this guy I personally dont think this was the right choice for the shredder search because they wanted to find someone who could capture dimes style or "sound" and well I never heared dime play like this. But he does know what he is doing and he is a very good player.
Please help, i need to learn the intro to this song on youtube or i wont sleep at night please someone tab this out for me.
he was good but i think he won mostly because of the image
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