i'm thinking of buying the peavey vyper 60 tube amp. however the peavey valveking amps look pretty good as well. im willing to spend up to $500 and i play metal/punk/hard rock. which amp should i chose? thanks in advance
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I've only played the Vyper 30 and didn't like it. I didn't really care for the VK until i put a pedal in front of it. Thought it was pretty good after that.
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I think the Vypers are EXTREMELY over-rated. Look for a used 5150 combo or even a classic 30.
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The Vypyr is an all in one solution. If you want the same flexibility in a VK you will need to buy pedals, which adds significantly to the price. You need to factor in the price of a Sampera pedal with the Vypyr. You are not going to be able to stay under $500 if you include the Sampera I on a 60. But you could with the 75. You could stay under $500 with a VK 1x12 and one pedal, but you won't get the variety of tones that you could with the Vypyr.

I don't think the Vypyrs are overrated if you consider what you get for the price. But you should play one and make sure the metals tones are what you are looking for.
I wouldn't go for the valveking, it's not all that great and doesn't really excel in any area. It'll have trouble doing those highgain tones

The vypyr tube 60 is a better option, also consider:
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The vypyr tube is a way better amp than the valveking. I'm not just saying that because I own one. I've never liked modeling amps before this one. But I was looking for something that had the tone of my 6505 in a combo amp that would do a lot of stuff. And this thing is amazing. I'm still impressed with it and had no problems. The valveking just has **** tone.