hello all,

i have been learning alot of mini riffs on my acoustic (im a beginner) but i really want to start learning to strum and move between chords, actually play a full song i guess.

i was wondering if people could suggest some modern acoustic songs that are easy for a beginner like myself to learn.

a small variety would be great!

i have searched for chord books for acosutic, but alot of them have quite old songs, and id like to learn something more up to date.


"is going to learn to play this guitar even if it kills me!"

"i'm clearly not trying hard enough, as my fingers arent bleeding"
Damnation Album by Opeth.


Why does it matter if they are modern or not?
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^ Regarding AC/DC
flake by jack johnson, where are you going? by dave matthews, those are my reccomendations.
even though we all love opeth, I think that damnation might be a bit over a beginner's head...

you could try acoustic versions of oasis' songs. enjoy!