So after some years I try to identify my first e-guitar. I got it like 10 or maybe 11 years ago. As you might know Vester does not really have a website or anything like that and at the time I got it I wasn´t playing guitar for such a long time and didn´t know anything.


this is a pic of it (it´s not perfect, but I don´t have a camera....)

- It´s a bit more red/pink, not orange as the pic conveys
- Floyd Rose
- 2 Single Coils, 1 Humbucker
- 22 frets

The shop owner said, noone wanted that guitar because of the colour and it was a sample, so it was rather cheap.

After an hour with google yesterday, I think it might be a JAR 1400, though I´m not sure, since I cannot find a picture. Oh and it´s not one from the concert series, someone sells at ebay.

I appreciate any help, thank you.