I know every guitar player has some of those chords that he likes best..
Post yours! It would be nice if you name them!

Here are a few i really like:
(from left to right)

C#m7; Amadd11; Aadd9; C/G

--0-- --10-- --0-- --3--
--0-- --10-- --0-- --1--
--9-- ---9-- ---6-- --0--
--11- --10-- --7-- --2--
--11- ---0-- --7-- --3--
--9-- ----x-- --5-- --3-- <- I play those notes with my thumb

I also like all kinds of minor-add9 chords
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I really like minor 7th chords played as barres like below. Just has a really nice sound to me.
B7 C#9 Bm9

--2-- ------ ------
--0-- --4-- --2--
--2-- --4-- --2--
--1-- --3-- --0--
--2-- --4-- --2--
--x-- ------ ------

Jazzy chords. Quite superb.
i love the 'voice' chords ...mostly used in blues

g---- --9- ---- 7th
d---- --8- ---- 3rd
a---- --9-- ----
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my favourite chord is E5

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My favorite chord is just an open E major chord. Nothing fancy, but the voicing of it, the richness of it, it's just the nicest sounding chord to me.

Inversely, D major as an open chord is the worst in my opinion. Too high, too weak, it doesn't have enough low end. Even as a D/F#.
D minor, the saddest of all keys
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B7 C#9 Bm9


Jazzy chords. Quite superb.

thats an awsome chord
beautiful voicing
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all 7#9's

all minor 9's

major 7's

hendrix chord
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^ the hendrix chord is a 7#9

im all about that X bMaj9Aug5Add13 :P

Really though, Major7s with a flat 5 sound really cool.
Minor 9th chords. All of them.
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Italian augmented 6th chord.

Damned if I could find anywhere to use it in a non-orchestra song though.
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Jazzy chords. Quite superb.

Yeah that chord is really nice!

I've got a few more for you!

Am; F#m7add11; F6/G; Fsus2; D5 (dropped D);

--8- --0- -x- -3- -10-
-10- --0- -3- -1- -10-
--9- --2- -1- -0- --7-
--7- --4- -3- -3- --7-
--0- --4- -x- -3- --0-
--x- --2- -3- -1- --0-
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D major (easy, but sounds awesome) and E9


the first one you have to kinda arpeggiate it. I'm at no higher then an intermediate level of theory so im not all that confident in naming it. Powertab labels it Em/G and its second guess is G6.

the second one im also not very confident on naming but powertab guesses C/A or Em7. i generally play this one arpeggiated similair to a part in metallica's call of ktulu.