Hey Guys, first ignore my sig. i was bored.
I was just learning that freebird solo from lynyrd skynyrd and
ended up being really frustrated i took my Ibanez acoustic and went on the internets
and played Layla from eric clapton(acoustic version,obviously)
and BANG The song including the solos got laid down in 1 hour straight.
i was like:"**** i just wanted to dump my no brand strat for a epiphone e-guitar
and now this."
i was like should i save up for a low end martin or buy that epihpne explorer
i wanted to play metal with

Do i suck at electrics because the quality of my off brand electric
or am i just born for acoustic/classical guitar?(yea i take classical guitar lessons)

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I have UG Black Style and I can barely read my signature.

Also, I like black.

I takes practice you know...
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I must say.. I'm very confused right now.
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Structuring your posts into something more readable would be a start.

I say do what you want. ****, why not get both? But yeah, it's worth mentioning the techniques employed in those songs vary a bit, so maybe you just need to practice a couple of things.

Ain't no rule says you can't play both.
you can't expect to be able to play every song straight away, you gotta practice, just because learnt a song on 'coustic then tried learning a completly different song on electric, (much harder then the song you learnt on 'coustic) doesn't mean your gonna suck at everything on electric. why don't you try learning layla on electric and then decide what guitar you want. i'd get the explorer though tbh cause they look immense ;D
From what I can understand:
On your electric, you were attempting to play Freebird solo but failed.
You then switched to acoustic and learned 'Layla' completely.
Now you're upset because you think you should completely ditch electric guitar because apparently you're better at acoustic.

My answer is this: Freebird and Layla require completely different techniques. Just work on the ones involved in Freebird and you'll get it down. Just practice a lot, and you can get good at anything.
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dawnwalker... You shouldn't give up on playing anything. You should practice playing everything.