I need the money! I would like to sell just the head ($500 Shipped OBO(weighs like 50lbs!)) but i can, if you MUST have it, sell the whole shebang which includes matching Crate BV412B cab great condition for ($700 Plus a little shipping IDK how much).
<br> would Also Trade the head straight across for a good condition Marshall AVT 150H, (newer avt 150HXT perferred i will pay for shipping on both parts if so)
<br> Also have a marshall avt412 cab for sale in alright condition (works fine just a couple tears in the tolex) $200 shipped
<br> Also have a great condition crate 412 straight cab for sale identical dimensions to the marshall avt412B cab for sale $160 shipped

<br> E-mail only: StokingGoat@gmail.com
wow you scored, i'm selling it for the same i got it for minus shipping so i don't think it's that bad
For Sale;

Marshall AVT 150H head (new)
Marshall AVT 150H head (Almost new)

Crate BV412 Cab (Pristine w/ celestions)
Sounds like you and the guy wanting to trade for a half stack need to talk...
It doesnt sound like either of you know what you are talking about.... Lol

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