Would a 2x12 always sound considerably louder than a 1x12?

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probably,its another speaker
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Yes....basically. Clearly though you have to look at speaker quality etc, but 212 is louder and often better quality because you can push more air
not really any louder, just fuller in sound.
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not really any louder, just fuller in sound.

This. As far as dB's go...its not going to be much louder. But the added fullness will make it seem louder.
You could also mix two different types of speakers in a 2x12, to get a unique sound, or just pick and mix until you find a well balanced sound.

I have heard (but it's only hearsay) that adding another speakers adds an extra 3dB's.
Hey, I have a question Similar to the TS. I've found two used Crate Palomino V32's one is 2x12 for $330, and the other one i believe is 1x12 (not sure, awaiting a response from seller) for $300. Should I go the Extra $30 for the 2x12?
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^Yes, but it will be heavier to move about. The positives you get are improved bass response, and the ability to mix two voicings of speaker. Also you get less speaker distortion cranked up, which can appeal with certain types of music.