Okay, so I am looking to go purchase a guitar that doesn't have a floyd rose on it. Mainly for changing tunings easier and for different styles of playing. I use my Jackson as my main for playing metal and keep it tuned a whole step down.

I want something that I can retune a little bit quicker. And I don't really like playing anything else but metal on the jackson (possibly the shredder feel of the guitar).

So I'm looking for something like this:

$300 limit .. I can go a bit higher if it's worth it..I don't believe in paying full price for anything so USED is the way to go for me...I will consider new guitars at this price range as well...but I'm sure I can get something better used.

Music playing: Blues, Jazz, lots of clean stuff ...

Maybe like an SG or something?? I don't even want the guitar to look too much like a shredder nor do I want the look of it to scream "Metal". Something I can use for clean playing .. and to work on jazz.

Any ideas? I figured I might as well ask the one community that can answer best in terms of suggestions.

Any suggestions .. If I can find the guitar at a local shop, Skips Music, or Guitar Center (or Craigslist) .. I will try it. I'm all about trying before buying.

Let the suggestions begin...
Blues jazz and clean all scream 'Semi-Hollow' to me.
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it's all coming back

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Squier strat?
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schecter. they sound good. or an lp. or a hardtail strat. or one of the 1000's of others w/o floyd's
Yeah......hollow body Ibanez or telecaster sounds right up ur alley
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Agile Les Paul copy. Maybe a good ES-335 copy (don't know if Agile do one, but the Epiphone is perfectly good)
Whichever one floats your boat.
Nice as a Tele or Thinline Tele would be, there's too much twang for a proper jazz tone IMO.
id go mexi fender strat before the squier strat but thats me, doesnt cost that much more
ibanez rocks
Ibanez AGS83-NTB or similar. This is a small, semi-hollow with great action and tune-O-matic. I have NO issues with quickly re-tuning.

However, the intonation will not be spot on if you re-tune more than one step away.
If that is the case, than maybe tune to the "middle", set your intonation, and live with it at the extremes?

I bought mine new with hard shell case and Seymour Duncans (JB and Jazz) for under $550. You should be able to find a used one for around $300.
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Try schecters, most of their guitars come with a either a floyd rose or a hardtail.

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try looking at the Cort M series, i dont know where to buy one though.
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lrn 2 read much?

His point was that if you want a Schecter you tend to have the option to have it as a hardtail, making his a valid response and yours pointless and slightly ironic.
Right On!!!

I knew I could get some great suggestions from the UG community.

And WOW, I thought an SG woulda fit the style...lmao..glad I asked.

It seems the consensus on this is that semi-hollow or hollow body is the way to go so that is what I shall try.

The Ibanez Artcore series guitars are gorgeous, including the Ibanez AGS83B.

I'll also be hunting down an Epiphone ES-335 used.

Actually, the semi-hollow and hollow body is just straight up sexy. I see these guitars all the time, but never really paid attention to them. Metal snob days.... Finally opening up to different forms of music.

Thanks again guys. I should have me one of these this weekend I hope. I'll post a pic if I do get one.
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Agile makes great guitars...I'd look into one of those. The Ibanez ART-series are also great for the price.