im looking to get a new guitar later this year. I like Classic Rock but mainly i like metal!! 'In Flames' kind of music are these guitars any good for that? i am wondering if it is worth just buying the LTD Ec-50 and replacing the humbuckers with EMG's. Or should i save up for the £900 one. the viper looks the best but i dont know how easy it would be to put the EMGs inside.

Please Help Me with my guitar woes!

P.S. Also i have seen that in the US the LTD 1000 is $800. So is it worth paying for the shipping?

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EC-401 is more or less the same as the 1000 but with less of the yucky binding. It's on my list to get next

Edit: didnt see they were LH, no idea what availability is like on them, and the matt black and gold 1000 is nice ^^. Also the ec-50 has a flat body, where as the more expensive models have the curved body like a gibson lp
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My thought is save up a bit more and get something in the next class up. Also look up the model and find some reviews on the LTD Ec-50.
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My thought is save up a bit more and get something in the next class up. Also look up the model and find some reviews on the LTD Ec-50.

Next Class Up?

What kind of guitars is that?
You might want to look into Schecter's new singlecut line out. Tried one out yesterday, played great and sounded great. More of a players guitar than the standard Gibson Les Paul shape, and it had all of the modern hardware the ESP would have.
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just be aware that if you import anything from the states (or anywhere outside the EU) that you're going to be hit with VAT/customs charges which'll be around 25% of both the cost of the item, and the postage.

but you're right, ESPs and LTDs tend not to be too great value in the UK. i think the general consensus with LTDs is to make sure you go for the 400 series or higher, but i haven't tried sufficient numbers of them to corroborate that.
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