My friends band is playing this weekend, they're really good, and he wants me to sit in on a few playing rhythm, electric and/or acoustic. Problem is, he's used to playing by himself and doesn't really need a second guitarist, so if I play any old song just for the hell of it I'll step on his toes and piss everybody off.

I need to find some songs that are well known that have two guitar parts, one that is a memorable halfway simple recurring riff or chord progression that I could do on rhythm, and another that he could go crazy on soloing or whatever. These guys don't practice together so it needs to be something well known, classic or southern rock. Any ideas?
Hey Joe by Hendrix
Knockin On Heaven's Door by.... the Guns N Roses one would be best suited, but call it who you like :P
Try All Along the Watchtower.
I <3 bangoodcharlotte

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