hello folks..... i wanted a new guitar for playing metal and there was a problem
overhere< i am in uae>.... there are many less guitar shops ..... therefore less range of guitars

we can get brands like ibanez , bc rich , esp/ltd and some more

and i was thinking of buying a ibanez< grg170dx or a guitar around that> .... or a washburn < i don't noe the model number .... sorry> and some esp/ltd's in the price range of 300 - 350 $...........can any1 help recomending a good guitar fr metal in any of these brands< i love these brandz>............other companies and MODEL numbers are welcomed

thank you in advanced
don't get the grg. get like an rg5 or something. in that pricerange those are beast
I would say an ESP... I have one and its great... you can get a good guitar for about 400$ it just depends on what you want... i would recemound the F Series i have an f 250 and its bad ass!!!
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ltds in that price range arent really great for metal, but washburns certainly can be and id have to say check out jay turser or agile if you could. they are actually great companies that make cheaper guitars that sound fantastic for just about any style.