well how is this preamp? i got a trade offer including this unit but i know nothing about it. i dont have an amp now. will this preamp be good for melodic death metal stuff like in flames and children of bodom? will i get a good sound if i use it with a 15 watt ss amp? I know nothing about it so if you can help me i would appreciate it.
Well its not the DG stomp i think but more like a rack unit version of it. will i be able to play melodic death with it? also will it work good with a ss amp?
It will work with a SS amp. I haven't use the Stomp enough to know what the range of tones are. My guitar instructor has a stomp and what I've heard from his sounded pretty good into a SS keyboard amp. But I've only been used classic rock crunch tones.
I used to have the Stomp, as others have said it was a great unit - kinda wish I still had it. As far as playing "death Metal" I know it has great distortion for a Stomp, but not sure? I think you will be alright.. Can you test it out first?

Havent really seen the guy yet. it was just an offer from private message in a different forum and just wanted to know how the preamp was.

I used a DG-1000 for a while. It's certainly good, but is certainly not amazing. The niftiest feature is the fact that it uses motorized pots, changes all of the settings for you when you recall presets. (Basically a ripoff of the Soldano/Caswell X99 design). It's a digital preamp, and is actually better than a good many of the digital preamps currently available today. However, it won't stand up to something like a Digitech GSP1101 regarding features, versatility, or sound quality (or size, for that matter).

If you're building a Midi rig, it would be a magnificent starting point. If not, I might be interested in picking it up off of you, I'd like to have another just for nostalgia's sake.
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