i play metal. i would prefer to get 24 fret, and a good trem if not floyd rose. jumbo frets. willing to buy used. any suggestions?
EDIT: forgot, $700 max
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Get a ibanez rg or a bc rich
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look on ebay at used C1 Hellraisers and Blackjack ATX's
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haha there we go! so 700 bucks... any specific shapes?? Cos ESP has TONS of shapes that come with a floyd rose. They are solid for metal. I would not go with Jacksons for 700 because they are still bolt on at that price. Schecter or ESP will give you neckthrus and floyds for that price. Try and pick a company and we can suggest models.
LTD EC-1000
LTD DV-200
get an ltd mh-400. really good for metal and only 500 dollars. the strings are close to the fretboard and it has 24 frets and emg pick-ups. and the whammy system is excellent.
get a schecter, my plan is if enough people buy them they might start selling more in England!
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ibanez RG series or an S series id say
very fast neck for metal

ya rgs are good however you cant get a s series for under 700 with 24 frets
i was thinking about suggesting the mh-400 also. its a wicked guitar for the price.
LTD EC-1000
LTD DV-200
to lethaldosage: no specific shape, just not a les paul. not sure on company, but that esp neck thru sounds oh so sexy.
Jackson Pro Series... all real good guitars and under $700
a KVX10 would also be a good choice... it is $400 and rivals $1300 guitars
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ESP necks are perfect for people who dont like thick necks or thin necks. Its in between and they play beautifully. I suggest you buy ANY model you want besides the EC which is the Les Paul knock off... ANY! Ibanez have the skinny ass necks... but its your choice!
LTD EC-1000
LTD DV-200
I would take a look at the Jackson Pro series Rhoads. The basic colors are $650 but the cool colors are $700. Oh yeah, and it has a floyd.
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Some sort of RG is always nice, I'm a fan of them at least.
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I agree with Jackson Pro series, which has a floyd rose and seymour duncan pickups stock. I would chose the rhoads or the DK2M, which has a Duncan JB and Jazz, both humbuckers, or if you want single coils go with the dk2.

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Perhaps you could get one of these Tradition models...

Locate a dealer at this link:


They don't have any in stock at their site right now though so I have no idea what the price is. I think you should be able to get them for cheaper than the MSRP though, I saw one of their models (A Telecaster copy) for $400 in store when the MSRP was $619.
Looking for used 24 frets with a trem, I'd have to suggest looking at used ESP's. Sometimes you can find MI's and MII's for about $700, which would probably be perfect for you.