Hi guys,

So after a long wait to come across some money, my birthday came around. And now i have money im wanting some new recording equipment.

The first thing i was looking for was some speakers, just some small and portable ones but with good sound quality. What im mainly using them for is to play along to some songs using guitar rig 3. I was hoping to spend about £30, but i have absoloutely no idea how much a decent pair costs. Also, i will be using them through an M-audio fast-track.

The next thing was a mic/mics. I was going to be using them mainly to record acoustic versions of my songs to get the general layout in one take. I heard that the best type of mic for that was a condenser mic. But the m-audio fast-track doesnt have phantom power, so im presuming thats out of the question. Anything below £50 would be perfect.

Any help is much appreciated, also if you need any more information just ask.
I think i meant 5.1 pc speakers - but im not sure myself
On the back of my M-audio fast track there are two what look like 1/8" jacks (ones red and says output R, the other is white and says output L), so im presuming they will fit just normal speakers. If im making sense would you be able to recommend me any good speaker makes, or even any particular models? Im pretty much clueless on all of this.

Also the microphone you recommended looks excellent but i dont think i would be able to run it through my m-audio fast track because it doesnt have phantom.

Thanks for the help
Don't waste your money on PC speakers of any description for mixing music on. Seriously.... just don't.

A decent set of monitors will set you back *at least* 100 pounds. Here in Canada, I wouldn't even consider anything less than about $400 for the pair. Even the Behringer Truth series stuff starts around there.

http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/B3030A.aspx I've heard them, and they're decent. I liked the Yorkville ones better, though. The M-Audio ones were decent too, but they're more than the Behringers.


With your budget, I would certainly look at getting a decent mic. If you get an SM57, you'll always find a use for it - whether you eventually work your way up to pro-level gear in a studio, or if you forget about recording altogether and just use it for live stuff.

Could I get some more talent in the monitors, please?

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Those red and white outputs are most likely RCA jacks, not 1/8" jacks. You're better off with a good pair of headphones in the price range, anyway. As far as a mic, you really should get a condenser. You can buy an outboard phantom power box for about $20 USD, which isn't expensive at all. Then again, there's nothing wrong with an SM57 (nothing great about it either).
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Also i forgot to mention something, i already have headphones for mixing and recording my music. I just want the speakers for playing through guitar rig along with my ipod.

Also for the mic, i always presumed the sm57 wouldn't be any good for acoustic/vocals, but im just going off what iv heard before.

Edit: i just looked, and they are RCA outputs, what does this mean?
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Generally speaking, a condensor will do better for acoustic guitar and vocals. That is true. At that price point, though, your options are decidedly limited. I think there is an MXL (Marshal) mic at that price point that is pretty usable, as well as one or two from Behringer that would be fine. Not great.... they'll get you going for now, but you will grow out of them in time. The 57, though not ideal in the short term, will produce decent results and you'll have it forever. I guess it depends on what you want now vs later, and how many times you're willing to shell out. We've all done the 'buy cheap for now, buy twice' thing... and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

RCA outs are just a different format. They're no better nor worse. It just means you need RCA plugs to go with them. No biggie.

For listening to yourself jamming along, PC speakers or headphones are great. Well... at least fine. For mixing, trust me, there is no substitute for decent monitors when it comes to mixing. Do yourself a favour and start saving.

Could I get some more talent in the monitors, please?

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Chris is the king of relating music things to other objects in real life.
Alright, thanks for all this helpful info you've given me, i will be thinking about this decision for the next 2-3 weeks since that's when i should start getting some money in.
At the moment on the microphone decision i really am not sure on what im going to be doing, i might borrow my cheap speakers from downstairs for now just to jam with, and still use my headphones for mixing, then slowly save up for some decent quality monitors.

Thanks again for all the help from everybody
Hi guys, sorry for the double post but i think iv decided on what i would like.

Since i am only intending to use this for acoustic + vocals, i felt a condenser was a must. So i read reviews and settled on the Samson CO1, and found a good deal on it at £50.
But id need phantom power, and found the Behringer PS400 for £26.

Could somebody please tell/advise me on this setup.

EDIT: Also need major help on the wiring setup, and whether or not i will need to buy extra cables with them.
Also iv found a good deal and a microphone stand.
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