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How was the first song you wrote? Mine was absolute garbage, consisting of the C, D, and G power chords....and that was it. The lyrics meant nothing and the "solo" was all out of key and came from the middle of nowhere.

1. Open My Computer.
2. Open C:
3. Click on WINDOWS.
4. Open the folder "Media."
5. Click on the file "onestop."
6. Listen.
I wrote Walk by Pantera.
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I wrote my first "song" a couple of months ago. Been playing for about 2 years at the time. It was only a short demo to test out my new recording equipment. Just a short instrumental.
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It consisted of an Am chord, over and over again. (this was before I could switch chords quickly) The lyrics were a miserable attempt at social/political commentary. *shudders*
Written a few acoustic songs with harmonica etc.
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A rip off of the baby bell cheese theme tune played all on the high e string
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mine was a reggae attempt.

the lyrics were about a pink flying elephant

It's a pretty dull song at worst, and an enjoyable one at best.
it was a acoustic emo song that actually wasn't half bad for being my first ever song, and the fact that i had to record in 1 minute intervals on the windows voice recorder thing on windows 98
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Havnt written any songs yet.. I have one up and coming for GCSE Music coursework though.
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Well, my first real song was an instrumental for my music class. I wrote it last year, so it's actually quite listenable.

Before that I attended this music club and wrote a song that was basically a ripoff of a song I heard on Tony Hawk's and some random one by Sum 41.
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I played afew notes of a song which I thought was cool and mellowish at first.
Then I later played twinkle twinkle little star and realized I only changed three notes.
My first "real" song was an instrumental that is called, "The Ballad of Nancy Brown" who was a very good friend and I told her I just wrote something and I needed a name for it and she said, "Name it after me!!!" and so I did

Oddly enough, she's my girlfriend now. I also used the song to audition for music college and I got in with it so it must be pretty cool.
It was called "French Toast" and consisted of chords using the high E, B, and G strings only. It's sort of an inside joke now with my guitar teacher and I.
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Well I don't know about solos but how about that Smoke on the Water riff. It's like...impossible.


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Me and my friend were spending all day trying to write a tasty riff, and then he came up with something awesome

Turns out it was the Mr. Softee theme
Wrote my band's first song called Banshee Queen. Lyrics can be found on my profile I think. >_>.
sometimes I see us in a cymbal splash or in the sound of a car crash
I wrote some music for some lyrics a few times. Wasn't good.

I'm still on the verge of writing my first song. I got 2 going at the moment.

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i used the chord progression from wonderwall, and did a fingerstyle epic. i dont remember what i did. so when i try and do it now, it sounds different every single time.
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There's nothing incredibly interesting here.
An 8 minute long epic consisting of basically an arpegiated Em chord (it was in Em), with a 4 minute solo played by twin guitars harmonized a 3rd apart.

The lyrics came to me in the form of a story in a dream, of a couple walking on a beach, and taking an old-fashioned horse and buggy ride through a fall landscape, before the woman is murdered in a random act of hostility.

It's called "She is my Soul." It's, quite frankly, amazing.
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I wrote a ton of riffs that I never turned into songs. Only a handful are good.

The first song I completely wrote I actually like. It's a little repetitive but It makes sense. It compares Scientology to a ****storm.
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I wrote Walk by Pantera.

Duuuuuuude...are you the guy who shot Dimebag?

Anyway, my first song was based on a little keyboard riff I was experimenting with, then my band's drummer came in (drunk) and said, "Woaah dude, that riff sounds totally sexy!"

So, unfortunately, I followed it up. It's pretty rubbish theorywise, but sounds pretty cool, kinda melodic thrashy.
🙈 🙉 🙊
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Duuuuuuude...are you the guy who shot Dimebag?

I met some kid from M.I. at a party who was all into Pantera. I introduced myself as Nathan G.

What do you mean rubbish theory wise. Music doesn't follow theory. Theory explains what happens in music.
It was a whiny obnoxious song about how I hated my dad called Running Away From Home, and it consisted of Am and E and combinations of the two chords' fingerings.

Honestly, my composition skills haven't improved that much. There's more variation in my songs but they could be much further improved, I know. It's been 6 years and I still don't know how to write decent music. At least my lyrics are better now, though.
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I wrote venomous on my profile as my first proper song lyrics and i've done music for it, have yet to record it.

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I met some kid from M.I. at a party who was all into Pantera. I introduced myself as Nathan G.

What do you mean rubbish theory wise. Music doesn't follow theory. Theory explains what happens in music.

Sorry, expressed myself badly there. I meant it was pretty simple and generic progression.
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Could of been a lot worse I guess, never came up with chords for it.

I had the chords under where to play
but it doesn't seem to have turned out that way
All the time spent writing this song
It turned out all cheesy and wrong

Insomnia! I've been up all night
I want every word, every line to sound right
Oh won't you please lend me a hand
I want to sound like my favourite rock n roll band

Hey sure it might sound bad
But it's definitely better then before
Oh the trouble from this is driving mad!
The stress from all the work is making me sore

So won't you please lend me a hand
I wanna sound like my favourite rock n roll band
Something one of a kind, something new
Something like what Led Zeppelin would do

Tried all the tricks you told me to do
But even now I still have no clue
Try after try it never sounds right
A new sheet of paper big blank and white

Oh So won't you please lend me a hand
I want to write a song like my favourite rock n roll band
Something great to be played on the radio
Something to get me playing my first show
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Never had a whole song per-se.
Lyrics-wise I can rhyme like the best of 'em but putting 'em into a song is usually a lil' tricky, I could write a load of verses and a load of choruses but they wouldn't fit toghether.
Guitar-wise I always sort of make songs off the top of my head, get a good verse riff going and change it for a chorus, back into the verse, into a bridge, into a solo, into a verse and a chorus or something, but I never remember them.
If I wrote 'em down I'm sure I'd have a good albums worth of material by now.
lt was a soung about my town. lt was actually quite good musically but the lyrics sucked. Was really complex to.
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Mine was E A B and Asus. Over and over. Just chords played in this really happy rythm for about 4-5 minutes with no lyrics or solos, all done on acoustic. As you can imagine after playing it once or twice I was told to stop . . . . . . . Good song. . . . Just really annoying.
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It was as poppy as it gets. Very catchy though, Busted and the Jonas Brothers would sell their souls to the devil for such a song. I still have the chorus floating around in my head, but it's so cliché I'll never tell anyone about it.
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