Why ask the pit? Why not? So anyways I am having trouble waking up...becoming immune to all sorts of alarms...even something like Clocky can't save me now. And I'm in college so I kinda do have to actually wake. The method I'm on now is slightly working...I set an alarm on my laptop to play music when I have to wake up and put headphones in my ears to not disturb roommate...cuz I only try to disturb the entire hall with guitar BEFORE 2am.

They are the little crappy 2ft apple earphones.

On the first day..they fell out of my ears and I missed two classes....on the 2nd day I used scotch tape on my ears....they were still in my ears but the cord was yanked out of the laptop....also...apparently songs had been playing for 4 hours ahead of schedule.... I go to wallsmart and get a 5 dollar extension cord and now, hell everythings gonna be fine...I tape them in again...give the cord enough slack to not pull...and wake up late with the headphones lying next to me and the tape still in my ears....

Dammit pit I ask you how you keep earphones in your ears....how you would do it without spending more than 10 bucks...
Don't use earphones, use those headphones that are connected and go over your head...that was a pretty bad description...

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1: Get a Marshall JVM 800 full stack.
2: Plug in iPod with set alarm.
3: Turn volume all the way up.
4: ???????
5: hey at least you wake up on time.
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Don't sleep with headphones in, it's a bad idea.
Just allow your alarm to go off. I live in an apartment with 5 guys and all our alarms go off at different times. If one that isn't mine wakes me up I get over it and go back to sleep, so do they.
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Become a vampire, then you won't have to sleep at all, but you'll have to live with no reflection, but you'll get better grades, but you'll die if someone puts a stake up your heart, but you'll die if someone puts a stake up your heart anyways.
Don't sleep with headphones in, they wrap themselves round your neck just get your lazy ass up
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Well thats me set ^^
Have loads of water before bed
Youll wake up at like 7am to take a p*iss
It works
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