Yes... Slight 1.5 in crack towards the headstock... Small crack... I guess I would almost calll it a scratch... I'm trying to buy myself an Ibanez to try it out that's why I'm selling it... I'm asking for $300... It's $400 in Guitar Center... :P....

I live in Phoenix Arizona, USA... I would prefer U.s.a.-ians to be interested, but then again it's a sexy SG so everybody is probably interested E-mail me cirazoli@yahoo.com And I'll send you pictures
...u realize used products go for at least 40% off right?

and u cant sell here btw

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wrong forum, try gear classifieds
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rofl, i got a used g400 for 250 no scratches.

1. id go at least 50% off.
2. not here
3. what kind of sg
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I'd say they wont go more than $150.
You are better off trying to sell it instead of trading it in.
I recently bought a sweet Epi G400 "Custom Shop" w/ flame top for $260. I imagine the crack in the headstock would kill your resale value.