If im getting orange peel should I sand it out of the color or clear coat? Im using micro-mesh sand paper so its usually comes out good but is sanding the orange peel out of the color necessery
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You can wet sand colour ONLY, if it is a solid colour and then only if there is enough of it on there. If it is metallic, you HAVE to clear it first.

Use P500 Wet,.
its krylon X-metals paint i laid down the silver base coat and the problem im having is its goin on really thin so i keep sanding back to base by accident but I hate orange peel so I dont wanta leave it
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So it's metallic then?

You can't sand metallic, period.

It has to be cleared first.

Besides, people get to concerned about orange peel in their first few coats, but teh lacquer will fill that, then you can flat the lacquer.

That is how we do it.
Is it ok to put lacquer over acrylic?
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