OK, well now every time i plug my guitar into my amp, very little noise comes out regardless of how high i turn my amp's volume up. I have to constantly turn it off and on and plug my cable in and out for like 20 minutes for it to start working again. I know its not a problem with my guitar and probably not a problem with my cable, but i think its something with the amp or amp jack. Can anyone help me out in fixing this problem?

My amp is a Crate XT65R in case that helps.
Have you tried your guitar and cable into another amp to see if that works? It certainly could be the amp, but more often than not it is a cable issue. Also, (I'm sure you did this) make sure your guitar's volume is up...sometimes guitar pots (SP?) can also crap out.

Basically, I would suggest isolating each item in your rig.
If its not the cable, guitar or pedals then its time to save for a new amp. SS amps are generally disposable.