My name is Jack, I've been playing 6 string guitars for 44 years and have been called to play bass for our new praise band at our church. I bought an Ibanez GSRM20 bass, and an Acoustic B100 amp. I welcome the new challenge and any advice or pointers anyone can give me. Thanks and God bless.
Hey Jack welcome to UG

We have a stickied thread at the top of this forum for Introductions feel free to repost yours in there and read those of your fellow newbies.
Good choice on the amp, the Acoustic B100 gets a lot of love over in the Bass Forum, however, the bass, as far as i know is a short scale one and doesnt give the greatest tone, but then again each to his own. Dont be afraid to post in the bass forum about it, if you like . For future reference, this forum is for introductions (in the stickied thread) and to ask questions about the running of the site.

Welcome, again to UG