Hey guys!!
Im a newb for the valvetronix ad30vt and i was wondering how to set the delay onto the amp???? I put the dial and turn it to delay however i do not really hear it.. also what is the tap sound for????/ can someone give me some what of a tutorial..
im not sure what you mean when you say tap sound. i own a valvetronix and all you have to do to turn on the delay is turn the knob. the settings can be adjusted by holding down a combination of buttons and turning the know below the effects switch but at this point i assume you only want to hear delay?
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Set the dial to delay. Now use the Edit1 knob to adjust the volume. Holding down Tap and turning edit 1 adjusts the delay time. Alternatively you could tap the tempo you want using the tap button. Holding bypass and turning Edit 1 adjusts the number of repeats.

Hope this helped
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