Hey, I recently came across an Ibanez RG body, but I have no idea what model it is. Its an H/S/S pickup configuration, its routed for a locking tremolo, and it has holes drilled for one volume pot, one control pot, a front mounted input jack, and the selector switch. I'm sorry if thats not enough info, but I don't know anything else about it.
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Well, I know its not a lot of info, I don't have a camera to take pics with. I know its an RG because of the shape, but also maybe the Ibanez logo and "RG" stamped on the inside of the neck pocket. (There used to be a model number next to the "RG" but its all worn off and now its illegible.)
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I've never seen any RG with a front-mounted input jack. Maybe it's not an Ibanez? There are plenty of similar shaped guitars.

And I'm assuming its a front mounted jack since there's not hole in the side, and one of the holes in the front is slightly larger then the other two holes.
I mostly ask because I'm rebuilding it and I need a replacement bridge, but unless I know the model, I'm not sure which version of the Edge bridge I should be using, or if a Floyd would fit (already took this to the GB&C forum, didn't get too much of an answer).

EDIT: also, its basswood
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pics pls
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I might be able to get my hands on a camera later today. Ill try and have pics by tonight