I picked this up from a local shop the other day. Takamine G330s solid top. I got it for $340 with a pretty nice hardshell case. I lowered the action a bit and she plays like a dream. I'm used to playing an acoustic with a cutaway but this sounds so much better than my old one its worth it. Eventually I'll probably replace the tuners and the plastic bits (nut, bridge, maybe the pins).

oh, and of course PICS

Thats a capo on the headstock btw
Congrats! If it's anything like my friend's EG340SC then it should really start to sound good at around a year of solid playing. In the beginning it didn't sound all that great, but after about a year, the wood really started to age well and it sounded much nicer.

I'm not too familiar with the 330. What is the side/back material? I know the 360 is rosewood and I think it was the 340 that had mahogany.
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Solid spruce top...nato back and sides oh well, better than the plywood I had before.

Its not as deep sounding as a guitar with real mahogany sides, but its still quite full.

I belive these were discontinued, the more common model is the GS330S now I think.
The wood is pretty sexy for NATO. That looks fantastic, and for the price seems even better! I like it!
it's all just coming back
it's all coming back

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I think the inlays are some kindof shell, it looks kindof like the inside of a muscle shell (kindof shiny like when light hits oil) but they're really small. It has side dots but it doesnt have the two side dots at the 12th fret, which was kindof annoying at first but I got used to it once I got used to the neck (which is quite thick). All in all I like it quite a bit and I have been playing it constantly since I got it last friday