Hey there Pit

I was wondering, I know many of you want to do something music-related when you're older, most people want to make it huge, and don't believe that there is any other worthwhile side of music.

So what is it you want to become, if not a megastar? The "true" musicians seem to want to do something musical because they love it, what would this be? Opening a guitar shop? Teaching? Or something else?

This is to satisfy my own curiosity, and silence the people that don't believe in being a musician for anything other than money and fame.

And away we go...
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Whilst I'd be happy to make it big, even if I did, I'd love my own place with like a guitar academy/bar with live acts/guitar shop.
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i would not mind having my own guitar shop but that would take alot of business skills hah which i dont have i have been thinking about a guitar luthier or audio engineer
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i would like to be a music journalist, or, if i could ever make it, a columist in Guitar Techniques
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i wanna own a recording studio. i actually put that first before making it big haha.
since im doing music in college i dont really have to much of a choice

id like to be a session musician but if not maybe A&R...thats hard work though
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As much as I'd like to become a famous musician, it's not gonna happen.
I'm also interesting in computers, so I'd like to apply that to music/guitar gear. Work for a pedal company like Digitech or something.
Make it big or teach...but not like teaching middle schoolers how to play itsy bitsy spider-more like Berklee or something like that.
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I don't have any intentions to be a rock star. I am working on becoming a professional composer, mostly in the contemporary classical and popular music realm. I plan to work on a studio basis and by commissions. I might teach violin/guitar/music theory on the side.

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I'd first off, like to just play music for a living. It doesn't have to big megastar or anything, just enough to get by. I think I'd be happy all my life if that happened. If that doesn't, well then I'd probably just try to work in a music shop or something involved in the realm of music. And if that falls through, ****, flippin burgers is what I deserve.
record store guy?
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I'd like to have a band and make music 'cus I love music.
I wouldn't mind having it as a full time job, but I don't count on it.
And I'd rather have a small dedicated fan base, rather than a big one that dissappears whenever you're not actual on the news or whatever.

Teaching guitar would also be nice.
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I plan on going to college and then university for guitar, but I want to be either a session player in a studio or run my own shop/rehearsal area with some friends

I don't have aspirations of fame I just enjoy playing
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Owning a recording studio or being a sound engineer or music producer would be pretty cool.
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Owning a recording studio would be pretty cool. Or being a band manager... or being a band / freelance music photographer.... they would all be pretty fun.
i'd obviosuly be happy if i make it somewhere in the music business,but teaching would be a good second option for me
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Working on trying to make it ATM! But failing that I'd love to own a Studio and/or a Guitar Store! but if I ever get big then the plan after touring & **** slows down was to go into Producing!
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Id like to work on record studio, or be a musician?
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I Want To Be A Music Producer/New-Talent Scout...I Would Also Like To Have A Shop Where Musicians Can Come And Hang Out. A Bar/Club Thing Where The Most Talented Musicians In The Area Can Come And Threoretically Help Starting Players For Free, So They Can Pass The Torch To The Next Generation.

Just A Place Where Musicians Can Converse And Hang Out.
Tbh I don't know what I want to do, but definately something in music. I've picked a course at uni that covers alot so who knows. Could end up producing, engineering, teaching or something. Getting big would be rather nice though.
I plan to further become a bedroom producer in my spare time as I study, and get a band together and play local venues. Chances are that's as far as I'll get, but the whole production/engineering side of modern music does interest me greatly, I just wish I'd pursued it earlier.
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