I just started like a week ago. I know i need to learn my basic chords and strumming.However in what order should i learn things and progress to next step.This way i can have something to follow.
start learning open position chords(has unfretted strings) and the notes up to the 5th fret and simple songs
practice different strum patterns as you practice chords and get to where they start to feel natural to you
buying a beginner lesson book is usually helpful when teaching yourself the basics
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Great site.
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Great site.

This guy speaks the truth. Simply go to the lesson index and start with the basics, things such as changing strings/tuning. Then complete the begginers course but be sure to learn some beginners songs as you go to keep interested. then on to the blues and scales once again learning songs as you go.

By the time you've done all this you'll be able to play a fair few songs, be able to improvise over a chord sequence and have a little bit of music theory behind you.

From there the choice is yours, develop your tastes in music and try creating your own style, based on your favourite guitarists.