Not the fast part, the part in the Very beggining.With the power chords.I can find the tab for when its played live, and I can explain the sound.Right before the intro riff, its hwat randy does in this video that I want the tab for.

The part before the opening solo he does is what I wanna know how to do.
What are you talking about? About the notes between the powerchords in the intro?
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B ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
G ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
D ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
A ------00---------------------55--------------------00--------------55--77--
E 22---------00---22----------------00---22---------------00---22------------
He means the live intro guys. (I had to figure it out the hard way by watching that vid, before I even looked on here if they had tabs for it >.<

Follow this link


Hope this Helps.

EDIT: Oh yeah, on that vid he plays the A5's & E5's once not twice. Just look over the tabs, and watch how he picks them, thats how I learned that version, cause there is no after hours version of the song on here.
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