I Just got an Epiphone 1966 G-400 and I broke about 3 set of strings in like 3 weeks. This never happened with my Fender Strat! I am getting Ernie Ball Regular Slinky 10-48 guage strings. One of my strings broke by the nut, and the another one broke by the bridge. Please tell me whats going on. Or am I just rocking to hard!
Could be you're just a little heavy handed lol. But more likely I think that there's a sharp edge on your bridge and possibly on your nut was well, easily fixed but probably don't try sanding/filing anything unless you know what your doing
Haha sharp edge on your nut.... um well I used to break strings like crazy but now it's fairly rare anymore
did you buy the strings in a pack? or each set on its own? check your bridge/nut/tuners for sharp edges. if you find any, file them down. if that fails, switch string brands. i think ernie ball strings are immensly overrated, and break relatively easy.
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dont rock too hard, i used to always break strings like that but now i just turn the volume up a bit more and use my middle fingernail, gives me more prescise strumming/fingerpicking and haven't broke my strings once since doing that (used to use .48 plectrums too)
Check your bridge. There is most likely a sharp point somewhere on it.
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^ Well yes if thats the reason why your bringing it in, I think its worth a look over.
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