I'm selling my Framus Cobra Guitar Head. It's been a great amp to me for a little over a year now but I'm looking for a new tone and a new head. The previous owner plays in Bury Your Dead and it was his tour head for the Cover Your Tracks tour. He did some modifications to the head by making the back plate that covers the tubes velcro instead of screw in. It does'nt effect the tone of the amp what-so-ever. Also there is one knob missing on the front panel (on the effects knob which is hardly used) and there is a replacement knob on the Crunch channel that doesn't match the rest of the knobs. I'm guessing these went missing on tour.

Since there is some road damage, I'm only asking $1,300 obo. The tubes were replaced with the Ruby High Gain tubes about 6 months ago and only have around 6 hours of playing time on them so they should last quite awhile.

I'm in the Orlando area and would like to deal locally if possible. If not, I'll try to find out the shipping costs for you.
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Hey guys, sorry I haven't got the pics up yet. I should have them in a few hours. I'll post them as soon as I get home.
I'm interested, but aren't the pre-amp tubes supposed to be different from the power tubes?
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Quote by SuperFlyinMonke
I'm interested, but aren't the pre-amp tubes supposed to be different from the power tubes?

different type, yes. different brand, no.
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