"you will fall from the heavens"
those are the words you said
and i'll go to sleep with that
wishing i was dead
so i could prove you right
just like every time before

I'll never let our "love" be my noose
I'll never stop looking for the truth
That if i never love
I'll never learn
That if i never light
I'll never burn
like our love

our love burns slow

Like an effigy of lies

And then you said
"Diamonds are a girls best friend"
I turned my head
and closed my eyes, and bit my lip again

But our love needs you
like fire needs oxygen
like a rascal needs ridalyn
Our loves need you
like life needs death
like a story needs an ending
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the best way to get a point across is to say it without saying it
the piece is obviously about love (or what's being passed off as love), but the overuse of the word "love" gets redundant.
theres a good framework here, it just needs some rewording

most recent piece is in my sig