Here's my music project, its of a ambient/down tempo and minimalistic sound.

Influences include, Jesu, NIN, Mono, ISIS, GY!BE, Pyramids, Neurosis and many more such like artists.

There are two links I have for you to follow one to the Myspace page and the other to the recently created Last.FM page.

N A D I R Myspace

N A D I R Last.fm

Thanks a lot.
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i liked 2 song titles, but the music needs more elaboration and is too minimalistic...
my opinion of course
I know exactly what you mean, whats on there at the moment are old songs mainly, apart from the first one.

Im writing a couple of more layered songs a lot more in vein of say ISIS, as that was the kind of route I set out to take in the first place a while back.

Anyway thanks for taking the time out to check it out.
Not too shabby. At some parts on Cities Burning in Darkness the drums sounded off time though, but they always got back in, so maybe it's intentional?

It'll be cool to hear some new stuff.
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Nice, listening to the first track 'Painting a Ghost', it sounds heavily sequenced, like copy and pasted. Personally it i think it kills the fluidity of the song, even if its hardly noticable, you pick up on things like that. I find its good to make an effort to record as much as you can in one take when tracking, to keep that natural feel, even if you make a couple mistakes. A bit more variation would hurt, although i appreciate you are trying to keep it minimal, so take that with a pinch of salt. Other than thats a good. I will take a listen to the rest a bit later.

I've listened to the beggining of the second track and i'm loving the ambience!

You may be interested in my stuff. It shares some themes with your stuff. Not saying you have to check it out, but it'd be nice to hear your opinions.
Wow man that's seriously awesome stuff. This is the kind of stuff I wanna be writing. Great sounds.

I know what you mean by mine sounding heavily sequenced, thats because it is lol. Thanks for listening anyway man, your being top friended! :P
New song up :p

Bit of a rocky/post metal/stoner vibe going on here, Check it.
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