Im very new to guitar and i cant really afford lessons so ive learnt to read tabs and im learning by simply playing tabs over and over until i get them good.

Is this a good way to learn or will i just become a one trick pony?

What over sort of things can i do to generally help me out with basic techniques (preferably internet videos and/or online guides etc.)

Any useful info much appreciated


P.s this might be in the wrong area on the forum but i didnt know where else to put it
Thats how we all started, well atleast most of us, and yeah I agree with MonsterBeast, learn your major cords, and just practise, practise, practise
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Likewise. No teacher, just tabs and a lot of free time. Learn your chords ( I think i found it on this site - "every guitar chord" . Then practice, practice. I also recommend downloading "power tab" program. Its free, and it'll show you tab, chords (can look up chord shapes used in the menu). It will "play" the song to help you get timing down and what not. I spent about 4 years without and wish i had it when I started. There are tons of PT tabs on this site.
Just google it.
yea power tab is a helpful tool on ur road to rock and roll fame just practice wat kind of rock are u interested in