So we had one of friends be our drummer for our band, but then found he had only been playing for four months and really sucks. He just seems to be holding us bback quite a bit considering we have to tell him what to do and what beats to play. We have another good friend who plays drums and happens to be very good at it and we want him to be in the band.

How should we go about kicking our our current member? He is one our bestfriends and he's still cool and all. We are pretty new and have been practicing often for around a month now. It's kind of a tricky situation. any suggestions on how to kick him out?
Talk to him. Be honest. If he's a cool guy and only been playing a few months he'll probably understand, but don't just kick him out - see if you can keep him involved, if he jams with you sometimes he'll only get better, he can get hints and tips off your other friend, and you'll have a backup drummer
I have to kick out my guitarist, and we've been friends for a long time now. I'm gonna tell him that he can be a back-up member.
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honesty is mostly apreciated. Even if this is a hairy situation. Sit down, talk. Hopefully he will understand, which is probably the case if you are that close.

Kicking someone out is never easy, especially a good friend. So good luck
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My band went through pretty much the same exact thing. I made sure I never mentioned the word "talent" at any point and mainly used the word "experience". Also I told him it was nothing against him as a person and that we could still hang out and play together if he wants. He totally got it though cause he always felt out of the loop with everything with us between songwriting and show booking. Now we have the new drummer and things are starting to go really good for us, and were still all great friends with our old drummer. Hope that helped.
I think the main reason he wanted to be in the band with so little experience was that he just wants to jam and play with others. I am totally down with jamming with him often like i did before we were in a band. Honesty is really the best way to go about it, yes, but i just hope he understands (he's really dumb).
Burn his house down.

Always the right solution.

Seriously, have a band discussion that isn't just you, but the rest of the band. Be honest with him and tell him you all agreed that he is holding the band back.
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You sit him down and say
"listen, we have been workign in this band for a while, and we love you man, but you are not yet at the level where we can function as a collective unit and work together in a productive fashion. We know you will be better in time, however, right now, you are simply not at the level which we can dumb our style down to play to. We feel it would be best for you, and for the band, if you were no longer a part of our project. I hat to do this man, but it's the way it's gotta be."