I was just wondering where the best place to find the battle of the bands?

We live in the bay area, and are all college students. Is it weird if we were to play at like a high school battle? Is that like illegal? haha, i know it sounds weird but i just want to know where the best place to search for these kinds of things are.

Check to see if there's an age limit on them or something? Idk.

I've noticed for some of the local public schools (I also live in the Bay Area), there are a number of bands on the rosters coming from places like Sacramento. Maybe they're a bunch of old dudes too?

Idk, just call up the event organizers and see if you can play. Every chance to play is a good one I suppose?
try looking for Battle of Bands at Local venues. You'll want to try and get a following from regular shows before you go all BoB on people.
BOTBs are mostly just a gimmick, so a venue can get in a big crowd without having to actually pay the bands - one big prize usually works out cheaper than hiring a few good bands, especially if it's there's several 'rounds' etc.

To younger bands, it's often the only way to get a gig. And although they can be useful practice if you aren't used to playing live, as a rule if you're not good enough to get a regular gig of some kind, you shouldn't be gigging at all.
^^+1 to the two gentlemen above me.

BOTBs it seems, are not well thought of by some on this forum (go ahead and roll me into that). I think that Kyle was right when he said if you can get a real gig, go for that instead. It is the easy way out for them not to have to pay a few real bands. Its kind of like you hiring 5 lawyers to represent you in court and the one who does the best will get paid.....yeah they would laugh at you. They are all going to charge you for the service, not how much you like the results.

You are putting in the time, effort, and work, you should be compensated. Just one man's humble opinion.
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