What are some good, non trem, higher end, 7 strings? preferably with a thin, flat neck.

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I think shecter 7-string necks are fairly chunky. I would say a Jackson or Ibanez 7-string
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Schecter Loomis sig?

EDIT: i thought you could get a hardtail of this, but apparently you cant. still a great guitar though
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Lol @ the RC-7, pity it's not issued as a hard tail

It might be worth looking for an older RG7621 model, wizard based neck, MIJ, very basic guitar, might be worth looking into a pickup swap or something.
Yeah look at Ibanez. Also im pretty sure you can get the loomis in hardtail, but it has a reasonably thick neck. Im not sure about jackson at al

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I don't know about the necks, but Carvin makes some higher end 7s.