hey im just wondering what tone settings i should use for my guitar to play sunshine of your love by Cream. im playing that song at a school gig and cant seem to find that right tone setting on my guitar. btw i have a Epi les pual standard.
That would depend on the amp...every amp sets up differently.
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depends on wat kinda amp u have
i wld suggest putting on the rhythm pick up nd thn gigving urself a tiny bit of reverb

WTF is a rhythym pickup?
They are neck/bridge/middle

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WTF is a rhythym pickup?
They are neck/bridge/middle

Not a great picture, but you can still make out the word "rhythm":

The rhythm pickup is the same thing as the neck pickup.
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put down the tonw knobs on the guitar, much bass little trable, semi dist, semi high gain.
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Power amp distortion.

Otherwise if you play a solid state amp, I found that I put the gain right up and turned my guitar volume quite low.
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I would Use the pick up selecter have way between two humbucker pick ups to get the classic woman tone.

i agree.
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For sunshine of your love the amp was a vox ac30 apparently and it had all the eq settings put to 10 and the tone on the guitar turned down quite a lot.

I've come close to this sound by playing on the neck pickup with tone pretty low , like 2 or 3 maybe even less. Also a really good way is to turn the tone down abit, maybe to like 5 but play with the flesh of your thumb. You get a soft warm sound that sounds quite similar for the intro.