I'm writing a song and its sort of a prog metal kinda feel to it.

What happened to me is i resolved from my diminished, 7/8 section into an almost resolved 7/8 chord progression. Trouble is, I set it up with only 3 chords to repeat themselves to try and add more to the unfinished feeling.

And this continues, with a solo over it, for 12 bars until it returns to a single note pattern and resolves to a G power chord.


it repeats this. it ends up taking six bars for one full cycle, but for some reason running through the p[attern twice still feels uneven, even though techinically it would work into a 4 chord rhythm.

Any ideas/suggestions/explanations?
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You either need to take DiminishedFifth's advice, or you need to rewrite the music. It doesn't make sense to make it 7/8 just for the sake of being 7/8, it needs to be what you want musically as well. If you're trying to play it like it's 4/4 but it's missing half a beat, than it just isn't well composed. You could try phrasing it differently, perhaps so each measure sounds like 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 or something, but if you're trying to make it |1 2 3 4|5 6 7 1|2 3 4 5|6 7 1 2| 3 4 5 6| 7 1 2 3|4 5 6 7| than it doesn't make sense to try and make it in 7/8 at all, just write it in 4/4.

Get what i'm saying?
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Run through the pattern 4 times. A 7/8 twice doesn't equal anything in 4/4... it equals 14/8 =/= a 4/4 pattern. But 7/8 four times adds up to 28/8 = 6 bars of 4/4.

That's actually seven bars of 4/4. But that wouldn't be a meter issue, that would have to do with phrasing. Know what I mean?