Ok, so I am looking for a new amp and basically it comes down to an argument between excellent tone, versus a nice versatile amp.

The amps in question, are the soon to be released Vox AC-4 (combo or halfstack) and either the Vox VT30 or 50.

The AC-4 sounds like a great piece of kit, with great tone and vibe. I'm a bedroom guitarist too, and the low power and features seem ideal.

On the other hand, the VT series seem like a good option. Obviously, they are much more powerful, but they do have a built in power scale for home use, but also, they would be great if I ever had the chance to jam with other people. I also wonder if it is more important, considering the various bands and styles that I emulate, is it better to have an amp that can cover more than one base, or am I better with the AC-4? i change my mind every 5 minutes on this one and don't want to make the mistake of buying something I may end up regretting.

For the record, I have owned some nice valve amps in the past, so I am aware of the joys of vaccum tubes!

Thanks for any advice!
Wait until you make up ypour mind on what you play
If you dont see that happening soon
get the VT30
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It's a tough one. I think I might get hungry for different tones very quickly so I might go for the VT. I could always save up for an AC-4 as a little treat in the future, and particularly as more people will have tested it and been able to point out any good or bad points. I've played the VT15 and VT50 and was impressed, particularly so since I am a former AD15VT owner. I feel the VT range is tonally a good step up.