I just got back from guitar center and played both of these amps including a Peavey 6505 and JSX which i was both dissapointed with for some reason. The JSX sounded terrible when cranked and I didnt bring the 6505 into the loud room because I was not impressed with it when I plugged it in.

The amps I was really impressed with were the Switchblade and the Spider Valve. The switchblade sounded amazing and it was used going for $1000. I just want to know the pro's and con's of this thing because I obviously didnt do enough amp research when I bought my Spider II did I? Also I want to know the pro's and con's of the Spider Valve and I wanted to know if UG frowns upon this amp like they do with the Spider II's.

I have $550 right now and I'm looking for a job at the moment (although with my bangs to my nose I doubt anyone would hire me until I cut it cleaner which I really dont want to).

I just started a band and we had our first rehersal last week just to see how we all sounded together. It sounded great except for my stupid Spider II. So if this band thing continues then I'll need to get a half stack or something loud that sounds good. The manager at guitar center asked me what kind of music I played and my budget (I told him $500-$1000) and he brought me these 2 amps and a JSX to try out on a Mesa Rectifier 2x12. Out of the 3 I tried in the loud room I rate them as Switchblade > Spider Valve > JSX.

Also I'm looking for a good 2x12 cab that will work for metal that gives a nice tight warm sound.

What do you guys think I should look at next or if you have any information on these 2 amps I would love to hear it. Thanks and sorry about the wall of text, I usually see a lot of posts saying "we need more information" so there is your information. If you need to know anything else to help me out then please ask.