I've been playing acoustic for a few years. Recently I just bought an electric guitar and an acoustic/electric guitar. Is there any a type of amp that I can use for both electric guitar and acoustic/electric guitar? or I need to buy 2 separate amps for each of them? Is there any good amps for both electric and acoustic guitars under $200? Please give me some advices/suggestions. Thanks!!
Really need suggestions, because I'm going to guitar center to check out amps tomorrow. Please, any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!
try out Fender Blackface RI. acoustic guitarists were using those before acoustic amps existed.

under 200$? not likely. you will not get a very good amp for 200. maybe a Gretsch G5222 or an Epiphone Valve JR, but not much else. you need to save up at least 300$ more for a good amp, IMO.

Craigslist FTW, though. it is a valuable resource.
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