Is it true that if you take all the strings off a guitar it will cause neck warpage? If so can it be corrected br a truss rod adjustment because i think it needs this anyway
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And yes, it will cause warpage after a pretty long period of time. Why? why will you need to take them off. It;s not worth it to adjust truss unless youre gonna keep it like that for more than a couple of weeks. Or you can just take off the 4 middle strings and it will be pretty much fine for a longer while
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its not that i was just afraid to back the tension down all the way on all the strings and the fret board needs cleaning i procrastinated on it
thats good news cause i thought if the tensions wasnt present the wood would just twist it self up
The wood would twist itself up, but it would be so negligible that it really doesn't matter.

Think about it this way: If you can't feel, see or hear a difference, you probably aren't ****ing things up.
No its not really true. I took the strings off a carvin neck thru for over a year without doing anything to the truss rod, no problems when I put strings back on. And I take all the strings off guitars all the time to work on em or paint em. If this neck warp with no strings thing was true it would be pretty much impossible to do any mods to a guitar.
Really, if it isn't impairing playability or sound, warping isn't much of an issue. I have a vintage Yamaha that's pretty beat up. The neck is completely conked out, but it plays very well and never buzzes.