I own a vox ad100vth and a boss gt-8, have had the pedal for a good year now, and still can't get a good sounding distortion tone out of it. I've posted on the boss forums, read and attempted the EQ settings suggested by the 96 page brilliance, and have messed around with it to the point where it has taken a huge chunk out of my playing. If any of you could guide me in any shape or form I would greatly appreciate it. I'd rather not sell this, although I realize it may be the easiest solution.

My current EQ settings are...

Global EQ:
Low EQ -3
Mid EQ +5
Mid Freq 1.25k
High EQ +5
NS Threshold +2

Patch EQ:
Low Cut 165hz
Low EQ +0
Lo-Mid f 160 Hz
Lo-Mid Q 2
Lo-Mid EQ +10
Hi-Mid f 3.15kHz
Hi-Mid Q 2
Hi-Mid EQ +2
High EQ +0
High Cut 8k Hz

I also realize guitar/pickups play a factor as well, I have a ibanez s520 EX with dimarzio tone zone in the bridge and air norton in the neck. Any links you think would help me better understand these parameters or suggested alterations of my current settings would be greatly appreciated.

ok, take out the pedal, isolate what you don't like about your sound (too much bass, too little highs etc.) then put the pedal back, keep everything at 0 except for the part that you need to adjust and either boost or reduce it.

it's not that hard.
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Hey Alex, I owned a 120vtx head a while back. I'm not sure that using a GT-8 EQ will give you the same results as a straight EQ pedal in the loop. If you can figure out the right settings an EQ in the loop will bring these amps to life. You may want to try just a straight EQ and make sure you put it in the effects loop. Hope this helps.
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sell the eq you have, pedals with adjustable frequency's are a pain in the butt
if you get one with all the eq frequencys fixed their much easier to deal with
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