I have Frontman 15watt fender amp,(has auxilarie plugins)

I'm saving up for a better amp,

It has a naggy buz when Push the...Idk what its called, im new to electric guitar,
the little lever by the Volume, and tone knobs,

by the way my guitar is a, Squire Strat
Even when the distortion isn't on, and when it is on it just gets louder
is it like screeching or just a hum
because if its just a hum thats totally normal
(for a crappy amp) or guitar for that matter
yeah or overdrive... the buzzing you hear normally is because of the single coils i experince that a little im assuming your squir is straight singles right
If I got a new amp like, lets say ... G-Dec Jr. Will it stop by chance?
Or an even better amp??
nah single coils just do that you could try a noiseless cable but its going to kill your tone
When i play I usally Move the lever thing(boy i sound dumb) to 1 up and the noise goes away. so,,, yeah... How much noiseless cables run for??
i have never seen noiseless ones
buy one with inbuilt mute buttons
and its called a pickup selector
It's your pickups I think. One just hums because of its output level? maybe the output level is high so it drives the amp? I'm assuming the lever's the pickup switch and since switching pickups helped stop the humming, it's just how the pickup works. If that IS the case, a noiseless cable won't help, you just have to live with it basically
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It is your single coil pickups producing the hum you hear. Humbucker (get it?) pickups, which are essentially two single coils put together (this is why some call them double coils) cancel this hum.
The reason that the hum dies out on the two settings you mentioned is because you are using two pickups (bridge/middle, middle/neck), and the pickups are canceling out the hum.
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